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What we offer

Modern Manual Car

You will learn to drive in a modern 6-speed manual car, comfortable and easy to operate.


You will also learn defensive driving skills, to get you ready not only for your test, but for your driving life.


Our lessons run for 60 minutes door to door. We do not include our travel time in your lesson time. 

Remember: 1 hour with us = 3 hours in your log book - so 10 lessons with us means 30 hours already covered!

Flexible Lesson Times

We offer flexible lesson times, and can be available for early morning, days and late afternoon driving.  


Our standard fee is $75 per hour lesson. You can pay by cash or eftpos on the day, or direct deposit prior to your lesson.

Use of our car for regular students on licence test day is available for a fee of $150.  This includes your one hour revision lesson beforehand.

If you are pressed for time we can pick you up from home, school, sporting venue or work before your lesson and tailor your driving lesson to arrive at another destination. Contact us for more information.

Flexible Pick Up / Drop Off

Ready for your first lesson?
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